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Portraits | Baby Matthew! | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

So… A few weeks ago, Denise and David contacted me via Kristi Odom (thanks kristi). And they asked if I wouldn’t mind taking pictures of their new family addition– Matthew! He was such a sweet heart! I Here are a few from their shoot!

And this was the cap to our day! I think he was exhausted, but cute as a button with those glassed tear filled eyes.

I enjoy being around babies. And I don’t mind when they cry. I don’t stop shooting when they do. I realized, it’s ok for their babies to cry. That is what they do! For a small fraction of their lives, they get to let go of all of their sorrows in the form of tears. I’m hungry. Cry. I’m tired. Cry. I poopooed my pants. Cry. And for the rest of their lives, they must deal with the complicated, twisted, multifaceted chaos, known as the real world. So I always like to keep a photo of your baby crying, because in that moment, they are living in a state of pure simplicity– a state in which they will probably never get to experience again.