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Sneak Peek! | Ember- Boutique Yoga Studio | Atlanta Fitness Photographer

I enjoy pretty things… And when I say pretty… I don’t necessarily mean girly or dainty– but I do like those things too. I’m talking about aesthetics. Aesthetically pleasing concepts, aspects, design, textures. It feeds my brain because I am constantly analyzing my surroundings… As a photographer, I never shut my brain off. I purchase things, eat foods, and vouch for companies based on packaging, marketing, and branding. It’s sad. I am a shallow, shallow person… but that is what my career has trained me to do– find the pretty in everything.

As humans, we are driven by our senses. We enjoy eating, the smell of cookies, the sound of music (well personally… not the musical), the softness, … etc. But sometimes we neglect the sense that is undefinable by what is concrete. The sense of connection… feeling conscious and being aware of our emotions. Sometimes we can love or even hate something… so much, but we can’t pin down why. It makes us feel a certain way that our brains can’t quite wrap around.

Well.. this is what Ember does to me. I’m not sure if it’s the positive association I have with the owners, the instructors, the sense of accomplishment of challenging my mind and my body during a yoga class, or if it’s the over all experience and the nurturing of of all my senses… but I really enjoy being at the studio– when I can find the time.

A few weeks ago… and when I say weeks… I mean a couple of months ago I did a yoga shoot for the owner’s Jeff and Margaret and instructor Astrid. Here are a few from the day!