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Sneak Peek! | Hutson turned 3 months!! | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Babies are an amazing thing. They enter this world with a clean slate. They have tiny little hands and feet and tiny little ears and eyes. They have just enough to sense that there is a world going on around them– but they are oblivious to what that concept actually means.

I always get so sentimental when I blog about babies. Maybe it’s my clock ticking away… or the thought behind what it is to start a life; to enter this world; to begin a journey; to build a personality; to love; to hate; to feel anything; and to experience everything. Life is a poetic thing and beginning a lifetime is absolutely magical…

I was lucky enough to be one of the few to meet Hutson within days of his birth and experience the excitement and the joy around his arrival. Here are a few of my favorites from my experience that day along with a few from his 3mo shoot. He is growing so fast!


















It’s like Night and Day. Newborn… to 3 months. He’s so attentive!