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Sneak Peek! | Love in Thailand! | Destination Wedding Photographer

So… let me just start of by saying… I had the most incredible trip of my LIFE… and I owe it all to this amazing couple–James and Mia. These two are the kindest, most open minded, accepting, humble, ______ (insert the most thoughtful adjective you could possibly think of here) couple… I’ve ever met.

The 2 weeks I experienced in Thailand was by far one of my favorite travel adventures of all time. The chemistry, the love, the people, the location. I honestly couldn’t have dreamt a more perfect scenario…. sighhhhh. So perfect that it took me weeks to get out of vacay hangover mode.

It so happens that I have something like 350 gigs of images to go through from this trip. The funny thing is, I’m not even exaggerating. 6 Total weeks abroad and I was very close to filling up my entire 500 gig drive. Needless to say… it will be awhile before I post any images… but I did; however stumble upon these gems while clearing off my cards for the upcoming weddings this weekend.

Again this is merely scratching the surface.. more to come within the next… eh, decade?


Uh.. before I exit left… I’d like to make a TRL shout out (eh… yes what is that? circa 2000? )…

—to every Australian that I happened to meet. Because of you— I want to move to your country. Amy & Holly– for being awesome travel buddies who shared many a jars of Nutella & Peanut butter, sang “one night in Bangkok” without knowing any additional lyrics to that song, along with “I come from a land down under” whilst incorporating this skit about 1.2 million times. And lastly, I can’t forget to thank Kristi Odom for inviting me to be a part of this dreamy wedding. She is by far one of the most talented, influential, and inspiring people that I’ve been so lucky to know. I probably wouldn’t have gone down the path that I have if it weren’t for her. So I can honestly say I owe my wedding photography career to this woman.

… alright Carson you can have mic back.






  • Kristi Odom - Oh wow, I just saw this. I am happy that you are my friend :) And so happy that you are able to come on so many adventures with me. I can truly say that my life is better knowing you! Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Can’t wait for our next adventure, which starts on Monday :)ReplyCancel