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Newborn Session | Welcom to the world, Cam! | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Babies! I often find my biological alarm go off during newborn sessions. When I say biological alarm I mean it. I start to panic. I can’t lie. A tiny human being is capable of nesting in my belly. If that is not alarming, I’m not sure what is. Maybe when I actually have one my anxiety will subside.

Needless to say, I only reserve newborn/baby/maternity session to people I hold very dear… and that are OK with my reluctant and cautious nature regarding holding or touching their tiny, fragile, new offspring.

With that said— Meet Cameron! Taylor and Kat made this little guy! It’s like magic! Isn’t he amazing!? He was so chill… but ALERT! He was so curious as to what was going on…. that I’m surprised we caught a few of him with his eyes closed. Towards the end of the shoot, he became so exhausted from his feeding and from trying to stay awake that he slowly drifted into his dream world… making these photos… absolutely dreamy!


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