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Theresa & Brian are Hitched | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I remember my first day of high school. The anxiety, the insecurities, the self doubt. I was so afraid. I knew no one. Home room was in a gym and there wasn’t a familiar face to save me from my internal tantrums and feelings of panic…. until across the hall I see a tiny fair skinned figure, perched against the wall. Kind eyes and approachable body language— I headed towards the figure that I would hope to take me under her wing. Theresa Mara is the perfect combination of genuine kindness peppered with subtle sarcastic humor, and I have her to thank for providing me with a sense of solace on my first day of school.

Twelve years later… OMG 12 years later— I got the best email from Theresa describing her excitement for Brian and their winter wedding on February 4th 2012.

It was the middle of winter and Atlanta proves to be unpredictable as usual at 70 whopping degrees! It was a stunning day with a bride to match! So much love radiated throughout the corridors of Greystone. It was refreshing to see such a close bond between all the guests. Everything about Theresa and Brian’s wedding was so memorable. The group hug/circle during the Lion King soundtrack, the tear jerking toasts given by family, and my favorite–“I’m on a Boat” where EVEN THE BRIDE’S DAD was shouting the lyrics like he wrote them! It was amazing!

Thank you, Theresa and Brian, for letting me capture your beautiful enthusiasm for life and love for each other!

Theresa & Brian’s first dance @ Greystone at Piedmont Park