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Jessica Taylor | Atlanta Yoga Photographer | Yogi Extraordinaire

Sometimes you meet people and you feel like you’ve known them for years. This is definitely the case with this gorgeous, bendy, yogi who owns the most impressive stretchy pants collection that embodies every color, shape, and pattern under the sun. I told her that I had several ideas for her shoot and that she should bring colorful pants if she has any. Her response “my closet looks like a unicorn took a dump all over my clothes…” How do you not love that? Mystical creatures inappropriately relieving themselves in a very unassuming location… GOLD.

Jessica Taylor- yoga, @tinyhookerboss @thulegit #yoga #yogaphotography #lululemon @teekigram

Jessica Taylor- yoga, @tinyhookerboss @thulegit
#yoga #yogaphotography #lululemon @teekigram

Without further ado… take a gander at our colorful session around Atlanta! Hope it inspires you to get on your mat and take a little time out for yourself today!

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Jessica Taylor- Yogi Extraordinaire