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Lisa + Kei | Newborn Session | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

This happy little family. It’s always so incredible to see couples move through different stages of their lives. I’ve known Lisa, who is a fellow photographer, for a few years now. I witnessed their marriage, pet sit their puppy, and now I get to see them experience what it’s like to welcome a new member into their family. Within a week of their maternity session– I got word that Lisa was going into labor! AHH! So many thoughts fluttered through my brain. OMG! IT’s HAPPENING! HOW EXCITING! OMG! She’s going to be a mama soon! OMG! I haven’t even had the chance to go through their maternity photos yes! Shove him back in there! Obviously I know what the priorities are here…

I loved getting a glimpse into their lives through my camera. I love the way Lisa looks at Kei with such admiration and how Kei– as reserved as he is– will occasionally flash a little smile at her when nobody’s looking…

Here are a few favorites from their session! Hope you love them as much as I do!! <3

Hair/Makeup By the every so amazing: Sineat Heintzelman

Check out their slideshow and photos of their baby, Harrrison, here: