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Molly & Ryan are hitched! | Waterfalll Country Club Wedding! | Southern Wedding Photography

Once upon a time… I met one of the coolest people I’ve been lucky enough to know… who happens to have a sister– who is just as cool… but twice as pretty! Not bashing you in any way Sean, but our Cam Cam doppelganger is drop dead gorgeous… and her handsome husband Ryan, is a multi-talented, drum playing, hand stand extraordinaire… and he happens to be her perfect match!

[NOTE: Don’t mind the run on sentences… Sometimes I forget to breathe when I get excited and I’m typing. I tend to forget punctuations… or add in an absurd amount of ellipses and whatever punctuation I happen to feel like interjecting at the time…]

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

These two love birds got married at the stunning Waterfall Country Club in Clayton Country, GA near Lake Burton. This wedding was out of control!!! Their wedding– to date– one of my absolute favorite weddings of all time. We had perfect weather, a stunning couple, the most supportive and also hilarious bridal party… (How many times have you seen a large group of girls flip their dresses up to use them as a Nun Habit while singing to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”? BURRRILIANT!), a brother/sister choreographed dance reminiscent of Spartan Cheerleaders SNL skit… , and the father of the bride’s speech happened to pull everyone’s heart strings… I couldn’t help but tear up… It was what every girl wants to hear from her father on her wedding day and it was literally the dream wedding everyone wishes they could be a part of.

Oh… and did I mention the multi-talented husband– Ryan– busted out his drum skills on stage with the band… and did I also mention there were people crowd surfing? Maybe it’s because I’m old now, but I barely even see that at concerts any more let a lone a wedding!?

Without further ado… feel free to relive the glory with just a few of my favorite images from Molly and Ryan’s big day! <3

M&R Details dress36S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R GettingReady069S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R GettingReady115S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_Ryan


Molly did a first look with her bridesmaids! She kept her dress a secret for the entire planning process… They weren’t even allowed to see it the day of until her final reveal… and this was her bridesmaids’ reaction!M&R GettingReady120S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 066S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanGorgeous flowers by Gertie Mae to go along with her classically beautiful accessories.M&R Details flowers007S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Details flowers026S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Details venue01S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 135S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 132S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R GettingReady157S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Portraits b 080S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 014S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 040S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_Ryan

M&R Ceremony a 069S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Ceremony a 076S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Ceremony b 12S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 165S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 184S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 212S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 240S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 256S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Bride&Groom 263S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Details cake04S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Portraits bp 021S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception050S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception095S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception099S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception117S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception145S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception166S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception259S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception289S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception315S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception374S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception801S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception813S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception839S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception908S_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_RyanM&R Reception917-editS_2TPHOTO_Waterfall_Country_Club_Weddings_Molly_Ryan