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Senior Session | Brad | Fire– A Different Spin on Senior Photography

… literally.

Brad is a pretty cool kid… naturally. The apple rarely falls far from the tree– and in this case– is a good thing b/c his mama is a badass. I was lucky enough to photograph Shelby and her amazingly beautiful yoga practice a few years back and when she emailed me to see if I was available to photograph her son’s Senior photos… I was pumped b/c Shelby is awesome so I knew her kid would be so much fun to work with as well! So… knowing a parent before photographing the child/adolescent/teenager is much easier… mainly b/c there is already a bond and trust and flexibility to be creative. So… I felt like I had some freedom to come up with some ideas to make our session a little more exciting. I’m not going to lie. Senior sessions with teenage boys aren’t always the easiest thing. Mainly because 1– teenagers in general are skeptical of people who think they’re young and hip… and aren’t [me. yes. i know. sad panda] 2– teenage boys aren’t usually into photographs of themselves but will succumb to the wishes of their mothers out of love. 3– senior photography can be a slippery slope of cheesiness. Think fondu… but not as delicious.

So… it was important for me to create an experience that wasn’t incredibly traumatizing to a teenage boy and to reflect how cool he really is. We took a little walk and hung out on the rooftop of a high-rise in Atlanta… and we played with fire… that’s right ladies and gentlemen. FIRE.

Without further ado— below are some of my favorite images from the day! Thanks Shelby for being so cool and asking me to photograph your son! Brad! Thanks for being a trooper!!! You are so much fun to work with!

Hope you guys love them!:)

SeniorPhotography_guys_Atlanta_brad_2016_2TPHOTO_0022Shelby and Brad! Shelby!! You are one hot mama!!!SeniorPhotography_guys_Atlanta_brad_2016_2TPHOTO_0023SeniorPhotography_guys_Atlanta_brad_2016_2TPHOTO_0001