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Adria & Jimmy | Captial City Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

A little sneak peek of this gorgeous couple!!   Thank you for help making this a beautiful wedding! Church: Christ the King Venue:

Lindsey + Matt are Hitched! | Brasstown Valley Wedding |Destination Wedding Photography

When a fun loving and up for anything meets bombshell meets sarcastic and witty mountain biker– you have The Perfect Couple. Meet

Megan & Akram | Mason Murer & Holy Spirit Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

A Gorgeously Romantic couple + The most animated wedding party to ever live = A perfect wedding with a killer dance

Akilah + Theo | Monteluce Winery Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Love should be celebrated more than just once in a couple’s lifetime. After several years of marriage, this fabulously stylish couple

Theresa & Brian are Hitched | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I remember my first day of high school. The anxiety, the insecurities, the self doubt. I was so afraid. I knew no one. Home room was in a

Kellie & Chad are hitched!

An amazing day in Brasstown Valley… Walking back to my hotel room, I couldn’t help but smile at everyone I saw. I was giddy!

Sneak Peek! | Love in Thailand! | Destination Wedding Photographer

So… let me just start of by saying… I had the most incredible trip of my LIFE… and I owe it all to this amazing

Sneak Peek! | Theresa & Brian are Hitched! | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Theresa & Brian are Hitched! Here are a few of my favorites from their big day! Many, many more to come!!!   Theresa &

Sneak Peek! | April & Drew are Hitched! | Atlanta Wedding Photographer!

April and Drew are perfect. On the outside–they have two very distinctly different personalities….but their common ground is

Sneak Peek! | Christyne & Dustin are Hitched! | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of shooting Christyne & Dustin’s romantic vintage wedding at Cedar Plantation in Acworth. What a party! I love

Wedding Photography | Kristina & Ryan… Camel’s Peacocks, and llamas Oh my! | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I can honestly say, even though I am not a religious person so to speak.. that I am blessed with awesome photographer friends who are funky

Atlanta Weddings | Christina & Jared are hitched! | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Christina and Jared are such a fun and quirky couple! We spent most of our shoot quoting Old Greg (whichconsists of a whole lot of